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Do I really need counselling?  I can usually handle my problems.

This helps the clients in not only self reflection, but also encourages self reliance outside my chamber. And, this is what seeds the root of self-confidence as well. The painful emotional beliefs and reservations that restrict the individuals from meeting their goals, or following their passion, can be overpowered when the person starts to accept the reality, and let go of the past. I believe that the client and the counsellor can work together to find a problem, and I practically and actively approach that method.

What about confidentiality in counselling?

Privacy Policy and Data Protection (GDPR)

This describes how client and information from enquiries is kept by Michela Pucci.

I use email to communicate with clients and potential clients about matters such as appointments and payments. If you are concerned about the security of emails, then please do not mail sensitive information, or choose an alternative means of communication. Call me or WhatsApp on 07477855945 if you prefer. 

Client contact details are kept on my personal computer and devices which are encrypted and password-protected. My client notes are kept, on paper, in a secure, locked cabinet. Your contact details are only seen by me. These details are not shared with a third party although, exceptions to confidentiality are the same as required legally and ethically by most qualified, accredited therapists, and are explained in my client agreement, given prior to therapy commencing. You can contact me to ask for this in advance if you prefer. I follow the ethical codes of COSRT, BACP and ANCoRe.


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Informativa per il trattamento dei dati personali (ai sensi e per gli effetti del D.Lgs. 196/2003 "Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali"). I dati forniti in modo volontario, inclusi gli indirizzi e-mail, sono protetti e riservati. Nessun dato viene preso direttamente dal proprietario del sito. Il proprietario si impegna a non distribuire o vendere nessuno dei dati personali a terzi, senza esplicito permesso da parte dell'interessato. Chiunque può chiedere in qualsiasi momento la cancellazione, la modifica o l'aggiornamento dei suoi dati.

Can I talk to you before booking my first counselling session?

Yes, you can. If you have any questions to put to me before taking the step of booking your first counselling session. I will be happy to answer that in an email or telephone at 07477 855 945. Your first appointment is free because it enables us both to see if there is any chemistry between us.  The greatest indicator of success in counselling is your relationship with the counsellor. If you get on - stay. If not - try elsewhere.

What if I cannot make a counselling appointment?

Once the first counselling appointment has been booked, I require at least 24 hours notice if you decide to cancel your booked, arranged counseling meeting, otherwise the full agreed fee is payable.

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Continuous Professional  Development & Insurance

I am committed to Continuous Professional Counselling Development training as I like to give always the best to my clients. My Private Practice counselling is also fully insured.